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What We Do

We, at SeaSide Music Management pride ourselves on the ability to maximize the attention given to any artist. It is our goal as a management company to exceed expectations. Our services are unique and custom-tailored to work in conjunction with one another, in order to fit the individual needs of the client. We offer flat rates, fee’s per basis, as well as working with percentages. We are confident that no matter what your goals are, we can help you achieve them.

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SeaSide Music Management services include, but are not limited to:

Managing the BandTouring
Managing the ArtistProduction
PromotionsPublic Relations
BookingsRecord Labels
PlacementBooking Agency

We dedicate ourselves to a small roster of artists, in order to ensure they receive our full and exclusive attention.

With so many management companies out there, we separate ourselves by not only catering to our client’s individual needs, but also with our confident, down to earth and caring approach.

In choosing SeaSide Music Management, you will be supported by knowledgeable, energetic, positive people with a great love for the industry. We are aware the industry technology and economical changes forcing the cd and show sales to decline, and offer the artist many different options such as; (produced- turn key shows, merchandising, unique distribution, sponsorships, third-party licensing, endorsements,  national & international touring, international licensing, paid digital downloads, etc.)

We look forward to working with you!